About Me

I started training in the Filipino Martial Arts because of an incident at work. I was managing a bookstore and fired someone, who then started sending threatening letters to me and my District Manager. My father knew the Patalinghug family, and suggested we both take Eskrima classes. My father only took classes for a short while, but I was hooked, and my lifelong obsession and love of Filipino Martial Arts was kindled. I attended every class that I could. I received my Lakan Isa (first Degree) in 1995, in Doce Pares Eskrima. It was an honor and privilege to have Supreme Grandmaster Cacoy Canete at my first Black Belt test. Along the way, I have been exposed to several different Filipino, Japanese, and Indonesian Martial Arts, including backyard sessions with my Father's friends. I subsequently received my Lakan Dalawa (second degree in 1997).

As my knowledge of Eskrima grew, I found that it was important to test much of what I had learned. Through many hours of the "back room" sessions at the Patalinghug's school and fighting at other schools, my fellow senior students and I refined our techniques by fighting with little padding and few rules. There were many people who helped me along this path, but my two friends, Jon Moury, and Woodrow Little should be mentioned specifically for their contribution to my development as a martial artist.

I moved to New Orleans in 1999 with my wife. I began as a student in Minami Ryu Ju Jitsu and teaching Eskrima at Garrett Sensei's dojo on Veteran's Memorial Blvd in 2001 (or there about) in Metairie until Hurricane Katrina destroyed it in 2005. After the storm, I briefly trained again in Minami-Ryu Ju Jitsu with Garrett Sensei and also began teaching Eskrima in Kenner. In the spring of 2007 I moved to the Temple Gym in Uptown, New Orleans. 

Lakan Isa Test 1995: L to R:  Guro Mike Bosch, Supreme Grand Master Cacoy Canete, Alfredo P. Wilson Jr. (my Dad), James Wilson (me), Master Dr. Carlos Patalinghug