Class Info

The traditional foundation of the Eskrima I teach is Doce Pares as taught by the Patalinghug family. I began studying with them in 1991.  I received my  Lakan Dalawa (2nd Degree) in 1997. Along the way, I've studied several other Filipino, Japanese, and Indonesian Martial Arts. If I find something useful that fits into my structure, I use it (and give credit when I do). I try to teach simple, direct, and aggressive techniques.  I am also an Affiliated Instructor in Michael Janich's Martial Blade Concepts system and continue to train with him.

The focus of our training is on simple realistic weapons defense.  The goal of any encounter is to stop the threat as quickly as possible.  To quote Michael Janich, "Your ability to defend yourself with a knife is contingent upon your skills to get your knife into the fight under stress by earning your draw. "  I also teach more traditional Filipino weaponry:  single stick, double stick, espada y daga, and bullwhip.  Although we do use traditional weapons I have tried to  refine techniques to use modern contact weapons such as pocket knives, expandable batons and improvised weapons.

Classes are informal. We don't wear uniforms, and we have no ranks. We wear our street clothes when training.  We train on mats because we use the space at a BJJ school,  so we don't wear shoes.  I don't do much warm up or aerobics - that's up to you. The two rules are: Protect yourself at all times AND don't drop your weapon! I like to keep class sizes small so I can make sure everyone is getting the attention they need. Classes are scheduled for 1 hour, but usually run longer.

I have plenty of equipment to get you started and you can just wear your "street clothes" for class (no uniforms!). If you continue to take class, you'll want to get some eye-protection (safety glasses, racquetball glasses, etc.), some sticks and practice knives.  I usually have sticks for purchase at the gym. There are also plenty of outlets for both sticks and practice weapons online, and I'll be happy to share my recommendations with you.